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We partner with the best in the field

Since 2004, we have worked closely together with Chicago-based Mesirow Currency Management (MCM) to provide the latest solutions designed to meet our clients’ specific objectives.

MCM is one of the most highly respected independent currency risk management specialists in the world. They have been offering innovative and customized solutions to institutions globally since 1990.

The partnership allows us to bring our respective strengths and it’s a match made in heaven: MCM’s cutting-edge global infrastructure works seamlessly alongside PPI’s expertise and presence in the local market.

145 +bn CHF
34.2 bn CHF

For the past 5 years, we have grown our swiss clients’ AUM at a rate of 12% per annum. We are one of the largest solutions providers in the world and are proud leaders in dynamic currency risk management in Switzerland.



Passive Currency Overlay

The goal of a passive currency overlay is to eliminate currency-related volatility within a client’s portfolio, thereby neutralizing any potential for downside risk and upside gains due to currency fluctuations.




‘Set and Forget’

By outsourcing your currency hedging to us, you reduce potential operational and implementation risk while saving time and costs. Our streamlined process guarantees you an easy, efficient and painless experience.


Risk Protection

This solution protects from exchange rate loss by neutralizing potential losses and gains. We go the extra mile to manage your cash flows and instrument maturities with state-of-the-art technology capable of reducing risk while adding value to the hedging program.


Independent & Conflict-Free

Unlike banks or other financial institutions, we have no hidden agenda when it comes to creating the best solution for your needs. We will give you full transparency on your transactions via detailed internal and third-party TCA reporting.


Research & Innovation

We continuously apply research efforts in order to uncover the most up-to-date solutions. Our goal is to achieve fully automated end-to-end processes, from currency exposure monitoring to hedging adjustments and reporting.


Tenor management

A tenor management strategy is the process of selecting forward maturities to add value to a hedging program.

This selection process is continuous and adapts to new developments in the market.

While in search of added value, a tenor management strategy must also take into account any potential changes in cost, liquidity and volatility affected by the maturity of the forward contract.


Dynamic Currency Overlay

A dynamic currency overlay looks to limit the risks of currency exposure while also increasing the returns on an investor’s underlying portfolio.


As opposed to a passive currency overlay, the amount of foreign currency exposure that is hedged is allowed to vary over time according to market conditions. This allows for a reduction in portfolio volatility caused by currency fluctuations, while protecting against downside moves and capturing gains from upside ones.



Leaders In Dynamic Hedging

Since 2004, we have provided dynamic currency overlay as a core approach across many currencies globally. Under our MCM-PPI partnership, we have CHF 9.7 bn assets under management within our dynamic hedging solution. We are one of the largest solutions providers in the world and we are proud to be at the forefront of the Swiss market.


Evolving Processes

We rely on a model-based investment process with the flexibility of discretionary inputs that can adapt to different market environments and risk parameters. The inputs include not just fundamental and technical data but also textual data - a recent addition to the investment process as the result of our ongoing academic partnership with Swiss universities.


Attractive Cost-Benefits

We guarantee competitive pricing coupled with an attractive cost-benefit ratio. We target an added value that is consistent with an investor’s mandate parameters-a logical component to make sure the strategy fulfils its role of mitigating risk.


Research & Innovation

A continuously evolving market requires constant research efforts to distinguish new fads from deep and lasting paradigm shifts. We harness the power of new technologies to help us separate the wheat from the chaff and focus on what matters most.