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Don’t leave your international currency risk to chance - we’ll help you achieve better and more consistent returns with Swiss precision.

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Need a crystal ball
to predict foreign
exchange markets?

Unfortunately we don’t have one, but we do provide the next best thing: in-depth research, innovative customized solutions and a dynamic, motivated team dedicated to helping you navigate foreign currency risk and opportunities.
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Safeguarding investments
with innovation & trust.

Our success over the past 25 years lies in building collaborative relationships with our clients based on trust. Coupled with a desire to continuously innovate our solutions, it’s how we exceed expectations time and time again.
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At PPI, performance is not just a buzzword: it’s part of our company culture.

Our obsession to deliver unmatched performance and advice means that we are continuously investing in research and technology. With innovation weaved into the fabric of our company culture, it’s no wonder we’re ahead of the curve.
Currency hedge rebalancing: resist the fixed idea
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With over 25 years in the industry, we’re not just advisors – we’re trendsetters.

Our performance-driven solutions, research efforts, and longstanding partnership with industry leader Mesirow Currency Management means there’s not much that can come between you and your goals.
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